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Job Posting Websites in the Philippines

Updated on Jun 26, 2023 137 views
Job Posting Websites in the Philippines

Job hunting does not have to be as stressful as it used to be. While bulletins, newspapers, walls or even billboards have come in handy in time past, getting a job in today’s world is no longer as difficult as before. There are lots of job sites and pages that have credible job opportunities that job seekers can maximize for job hunting. 

We have put together job sites you can check out if you are job hunting. Here are the top job posting websites in the Philippines. 

Top 6 Job Posting Websites

Here are the top 6 job portals in the Philippines:

  • MyJobMag

  • JobStreet 

  • Kalibrr

  • LinkedIn

  • BossJob

  • FoundIt


MyJobMag is one of the leading platforms in the Philippines to find different job opportunities. With the easy-to-use features on the platform, job seekers can easily sign up and get connected to job vacancies on the site. 

Here are some of the features that make the portal the best for job seekers: 

  • Signing up on the platform is entirely free and easy to navigate.
  • Job seekers have access to a CV builder that enables them to build their CV from scratch in different formats; Classic, Basic and Milano. 
  • There are lots of career tips and guides on the platform that can help job seekers navigate their careers, prepare for interviews and craft their CVs by themselves. 
  • Job seekers can narrow down their job alerts to only the kinds of jobs they want to see on the website and their emails. 
  • Jobs are arranged based on several categories: industry, qualification, location, making it all easier to search for and find jobs. 


JobStreet is one of the great employment platforms in Asia. It is a go-to site for experienced professionals and fresh graduates too. With over 30,000 job postings and an easy-to-use website, even work-from-home opportunities are available for job seekers in the Philippines. 

To make it more easy to use, JobStreet has a downloadable app that job seekers can maximize on the go. But to start applying for jobs, users need to create an account on the portal and set up a profile which reads as a resume. There is also room to upload a copy of your resume to apply for jobs. On the platform, you can search for jobs by title, location, company or job specialization. You can also input your salary desire and the portal matches you to opportunities based on the amount you provided. 


Kalibrr is another great platform for job seekers to find job opportunities. Since its inception in 2013, it has connected over 5 million professionals to good job opportunities. Like most job portals, you need to create a profile on the portal to get connected to job vacancies on the platform. 

Once you sign up on the platform, you can see recommended jobs for you on your dashboard. The platform also lets you see how many times employers have viewed your profile. With a simple “Apply” button, you can simply click and send in your resume for a job. The portal also offers skill tests you can take to strengthen your profile and make recruiters in the Philippines find you faster.


LinkedIn is a huge networking platform for professionals all over the world. On the platform, there’s a LinkedIn Jobs feature that allows professionals and fresh graduates to find job opportunities their skills are matched for. You can easily create a networking profile on the platform and get recruiters to know you and what you can do. 

LinkedIn allows you to upload your resume on the platform so job seekers can easily apply for jobs on the platform. With a premium account, you can enjoy more features on the platform like knowing exactly which employers are viewing your profile and then connecting with them. There are also articles, and blog posts by professionals on the platform that can help young professionals make their careers better. 


BossJob is a career platform for Filipino professionals. It connects business owners and recruiters with pre-screened job seekers, serving as a job portal that professionals readily use for hiring. Also, with a headhunter bot AI, the platform matches jobseekers with suitable jobs 24/7. 

The platform makes job applications a lot easier through the ready-to-use resume templates that job seekers can explore. They also have instant chat with hiring managers, online courses and certifications to improve your portfolio on the website. It also has a reward system called BossPoints. You can earn points by creating an account, logging in daily, and applying for jobs. Then, you can redeem the points for Lazada and Grab vouchers and movie tickets.


FoundIt is an online employment solution that allows you to search for opportunities from all over the world. With a FoundIt account and an online resume, you can apply for a job with just one click. Similar to other online job sites, it can also filter vacancies by job skills, company, function, or industry. You can also search for opportunities based on location and experience level.

In addition, FoundIt offers resume services if you want to optimize your job application with fees ranging from PHP 599 to PHP 2,499.  The job posting site also has tips on job interviews, resume writing, salary negotiation, and job search strategies. All these are designed to help job seekers get their dream jobs on the platform. 


These are some of the top job portals in the Philippines. With them, you can find credible job opportunities on the platform you can apply for. Internships, entry-level roles and even senior roles are all available on these platforms. 

To get started on the job hunt, you can simply click on the links and sign up. With that, you are just one step away from your dream job. 

All the very best!

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