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With over 10 years recruitment experience and a solid technology background, MyJobMag is perfectly positioned as your recruitment partner. From a robust recruitment platform to an in-house database of great candidates, our job is simple: we connect great companies with great candidates.

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Candidate Search

Handle your recruitment process by yourself. Search and select the most qualified candidates from our database of active jobseekers.
Send them direct message at no cost.
View their contact details at ₱120 per candidate.
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Shortlisting Service

Our shortlist service saves you the man hours spent going through a heap of CVs. With the right blend of technology and human expertise we get you a perfect shortlist of interested candidates that are worth your time.

We understand your job description and requirements

We shortlist the candidates from a CV perspective

We conduct phone interviews to confirm availability along other claims that can be verified via a phone call.

We send you 9 candidates that are worth your time for your approval.

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Let's Recruit for your company

We have the expertise, experience and data required to fill diverse roles in your Organization. Our delivery time is quick based on the availability of prescreened candidates for certain roles. Over time, the companies we have hired for record high-retention rate with candidates recruited.

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We are trusted by more than 140 Employers in Philippines

" TEXEM, UK, is most delighted to recommend MyJobMag for unparalleled quality in consistently attracting excellent competent, honest and self-motivated employees for our stakeholders and us. Their service is first among equals in West Africa. MyJobMag always values stakeholders' time; their consultants possess a charming attitude and offer impressive industry and contextual insights. Importantly they always raise the bar and deliver above expectations. Bumper return on investment with MyJobMag is always assured. "
Caroline Lucas
Caroline Lucas, Director, TEXEM, UK

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